Hammer Time

Discussione in 'Counter Strike : Global Offensive' iniziata da CSGO, 1 Giugno 2020.

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    Today we’re releasing the Warhammer 40,000 Sticker Capsule, featuring 17 unique stickers from the 40K universe. From the paper Full Buy sticker to the foil Chaos Space Marine, collect and apply them to your weapons today; the Capsule is now available in-game!

    A Change of Scenery

    The next time you launch CS:GO you’ll find a new Video Setting which allows you to change your main menu background. Whether you prefer a light or dark feel, Anubis or Phoenix Facility, there’s something for everyone.

    Small Details

    Lastly, we’ve recently added kill feed icons for blind kills, kills through smoke, flash kills, and no scope sniper kills. Today we’re adding a new kill feed icon when players die from C4 explosions. Look for these the next time a CT forgets their Defuse Kit!

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